Bedwars Update

Around 2 weeks ago we launched our Bedwars game-mode on the Titancraft server and now we’re publishing our first, big update!

In this update we’ve changed/added the following:

  • Improved the scoreboard in the Bedwars lobby, waiting lobbies and in-game.
  • Re-designed the Item shop, and added a name above the villager’s head.
  • Added in a Team Upgrades shop.  Here you can buy team island spawner upgrades, protection, sharpness, traps & more.
  • Implemented a ‘Doubles’ mode (2v2v2v2).
  • Changed the game join feature to a selector rather than auto-join.  This means you can choose which map and what mode to play on.
  • You now start and respawn with permanent leather armour & a wooden sword.
  • Armour upgrades are permanent.
  • Wool blocks are now the same colour as your team – instead of all being white.
  • … and more to see in-game.